Each course that we prepare, specially those that have a strong Spiritual component require from us a deep inmersion into the Mystery teachings, the Luminous teachings of Light, in order to perform the internal alchemy and the process that needs to take place before a transmission can be taught, shared, expressed to others.

Sometimes this alchemy requires a deep inmersion into our Lights and our Shadows, walking the walk so as to speak, cultivating the practice in order to bring it to fruition in the outer world to share it with others in a way that can make sense, be useful,  practical but also fully charged with the Luminous vibrations that will help the student activate within himself the inner codes that will ignite and propel him in his path, his Spiritual path.

Such is the nature of the preparatory work for this course. it will not be just a course on how to use the pendulum, but a Spiritual course on how to unlock within us the power of the Essene Wisdom in order for us to walk our paths in strength, with processes that will help us throughout our entire life, free ourselves from the false and activate within us the essence of the original Man and Woman, the True Essene within us.