We have high hopes for this Radionic Health and Regeneration disc. We have worked in a session with the Lecher Antenna in the distance with a person hospitalized on the other side of the world to balance his energy fields in the face of the condition he suffers. At the end of the session, her field asked us to leave her for THREE days on the Radionic Health and Regeneration disk in order to help her.

After those three days, we carried out all the bioenergetic measurements with the Lecher Antenna and EVERYTHING was perfectly balanced, this indicates that we are facing a radionic formula that can help us maintain energy balance when we need an extra contribution to keep us in that state of balance during a process of convalescence or active healing on the part of the person (solving their condition, active or hot phase themselves).

Remember that this hexagram is not just an Iching hexagram, but there are other elements in a visible and invisible way that come to enhance the force of the waves emitted by the disk. The use of hexagrams in bioenergy is ancient and specifically in the field of bioenergetic study with the Lecher Antenna they are used in various ways to help harmonize people, spaces. The records that we produce at Pura Presencia are the result of that knowledge and our personal research.


Radionic disc Health and Regeneration hexagram