We have worked with 2 pendulums and a transmission of vibratory frequencies without a pendulum. The pendulums used: Archangels and Mahasiddha We have transmitted Divine Love, worked to release energy and physical toxins, release negativity, release all the accumulation of mental, emotional energy from tension and pressure, and enhanced balance in the people participating in the session. and their school relationships, with teachers, parents, students, etc.
Energy transmission has been aimed at releasing guilt, enhancing free will and responsibility of adults, enhancing energy circulation and finally enhancing the release of toxins avoiding “contagion” at the energetic and psychic level of negative states.
We hope that this helps and contributes to the return to school to be carried out in the most harmonious and peaceful way possible free of health problems, psycho-emotional tensions and disturbances derived from the situation we have been living for several months.
Drink water, rest Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj-pendulos, free from ties for the highest good of all,
Blessings Barbara