Measurements are for the group as a whole. Each person may have different measurements but we focus on the group level.The level of resonance with the Coronavirus in the group was 4/10 which means that there is a lot of resonant connection with it, 40% and we have to break that resonance what which is done through the session, reaching a 0 / 1p at the end of the session.

At the bioenergetic level, the difficulties that the group has in relation to the corona V outbreak is one of Communication. This can be symbolic or cellular, difficulties for our cells to communicate with each other and maintain proper balance.
The bioenergetic measurements for the group in relation to the collective situation we are experiencing in relation to the CV outbreak placed our bioenergetic fields in the following configuration:

-Connection to Sky Yang energy, disconnected
-Connection to Earth energy Yin disconnected
-Bioenergetic fields centripetal and centrifugal imbalances of about 55cm and the fields to the back, tiredness,. Unbalanced cosmoteluric axis about 60cm left.
-Average energy reserves for vital and secondary organs 81% and 83%
-Disconnection from the Source (this not so good)
Applied solutions: -We had to clean non-beneficial connections opened by sexual relations or participation in rituals (this may not be everyone)
-Removal of crown chakra blockage interrupting / making connection with Source (God) difficult
-Removal of ties with the Corona V affecting our subconscious in the crown area-Elimination of blockage in the throat affecting our emotional body and our health
-Elimination in the mental body of imprints of traces of uneasiness, intranquility, nervousness located in the third eye (possible due to exposure to the media communication)
-Elimination unconscious agreement in DNA layer 3 connected with “I have” generating patterns of insecurity in the throat.

Global Protocol
-Thalamus: Chromobio color
-Spleen:Chromobio color
-Digestive system: Chromobio color
-Pituitary: Chromobio color
-Stomach: sound frequency elimination of mental stress

Dowsing protocol:

-Transmission of the energy of the Haritaki Medicine Buddha pendulum with the intention of filling us with its healing medicine. Transmitted in heart.
-Transmission with Roses Pendulum in the third eye with the intention of cleaning, purifying our entire upper system and protecting ourselves. The rose was used successfully in times of the plague.
-Immune system: sound frequencies, vitality.

Meridian Stimulation We had to stimulate two meridian points in the Governing Vessel and Kidney and had to sedate a point in the foot, connected to the kidney meridian.

At the end of the session, our group measurements were balanced and our energy reserves at 100/100. It does not mean that we will stay there all the time as we will be consuming energy but it is all we could do for the group for today. Our connection with the Source was reestablished which is very important.

We received a message from Source:

“You are my children I love you you are protected and safe under my wing. You will not suffer anything from this condition; simply relax, take time to yourselves, reconnect with Me, bathe inmy healing frequencies all will be well. There is no need to fear. Those who play to bring about the fall of Humanity will fall on their knees, wait and see. We are here with you supporting you, no one is alone, no one is orphant, no one is abandonned. I am with you at your side, walking with you. As you step up in Victory in the higher frequencies that you deserve to live and enjoy. Enough is enough with the games to drop your fields down!. You are powerful beings RAISE UP and dance the Glory of your true nature. I LOVE You”.

Drink water and rest. Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses and Baj Pendulos Spain, for the highest good of all free from attachments.