We have not taken measurements to avoid hurting family members in the face of possible potentially negative Dowsing measurements.

In this session we have traveled through time to encompass the entire period of confinement, from the end of February 2020 to the present, transmitting these vibrations of absolute love and of energetic and spiritual support in the past and present of all these elders living in care centers, elderly homes alone, isolated and unable to see or be hugged by their family.

We have focused on transmitting the energetic and light frequencies that the elders have asked of us. We have worked with the vibrations of Divine Love, the Divine Light, we have established a Divine protection of the highest order for those elders who need it, we have worked to send the energies that they have needed most to feel comforted, accompanied, clothed from the Light, eliminating the dense and vampiric energy around them, as far as we could do it, preventing subtle dark forms feeding from their solitude and their state of mind.

After the session, we have been asked to continue working with them within 9 days. In view of the low interest that this session has had at the public level, we will continue to work with the elderly privately without publishing data or results.
Those people who have elderly people in residences, know that we are helping in a subtle, energetic and spiritual way to the best of our ability.

Thanks to the two people I know who have joined this session, MB and EC. Infinite thanks. If other people have joined to help, thank you very much.

Blessings, Barbara Meneses