The emotional stress levels of the group were before starting at 70%, this includes the entire range of dense emotions: fear, anger, rage, hatred, frustration, despair, boredom, etc.

The session:
We worked with the vibration of the Transmutation, (Archangels Pendulum ) to transform all those emotions into higher vibrations beneficial for the group. The work was very long.

Transmission of Divine Love in various ways, one of them through the Pendulum of the Archangels. Divine Love from Source Father and Divine Mother. This was a very long process filling all our cells, organs and all our multidimensional physical-energetic-spiritual system

Transmission of Divine Light in the same way to our entire system, this was also a long process.
Radiesthetic transmission of electromagnetic Ultra Violet an angelic frequency that helps our higher energy system.

Crystalline Light Transmission with special vibrations in order to:
-Purify excess toxins in our system, harmonize with the Universe and achieve a greater balance between what is outside of us and what is inside.
-Improve the processing of external information that reaches us through access to our innate wisdom and enhancing the healthy connection to cosmic forces that support us for our highest good.
-Support to awaken in us our compassionate and lucid aspect, that aspect of our superior mind capable of understanding and integrating the Buddhist teaching that “Nothing is Permanent”.

At the end of the session, we are told that we are awakening to a greater intuitive capacity at the group level, and the levels of emotional stress have been reduced to a minimum (It does not mean that we remain at a 0 of stress from now on, but that the session has fulfilled its mission and now it is time to make an individual effort to stay emotionally balanced without going into cultivating negative thoughts, pessimistic scenarios, etc.).

Finally we have received a message from the Higher Self of the whole group who has formed a “pool” and has spoken with one voice. This is their joint message:

“We are with you but you don’t listen to us. We come as a community because with the strength of the group this message will reach you deeper.
You are powerful, you are capable, you CAN overcome this experience. Nothing reaches your reality that you cannot overcome. You have to let go of that clinging to the doom and gloom scenarios that you contemplate because it is not from there that you will solve the challenge that is presented to you. You all have the ability to emerge victorious from where you are. Please, raise your gaze and rise with it to the HIGHEST LEVEL
where you will see with CLARITY. We love you and we are with you in Love and in the Light “.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj-pendulos Pura Presencia. He has participated in this session supporting Maria R de Andalucía (thanks María!)
Drink water, rest,

Barbara Meneses