We performed measurements of emotional parameters for the group BEFORE and AFTER the session.

Previous measurements:

Grief Level Pain due to loss: 60% Fear level: 82% Trauma level 100% Uncertainty level 70% Despair level 80% Impotence level 80% Level of Frustration 100% Level of anger 90%

We removed 2 blocks affecting the group. The first was a kind of spell – on the crown emotionally affecting our relationships (my relationship with others) this generated patterns of limitation, disappointment, panic at loneliness. REMOVED.
The second blockage was in the mental body affecting Love (which we emit / feel / radiate) due to accumulated energy toxins in the heart, fruit of the anger we feel about the situation we are living. ELIMINATED.
Expansive activation of your Light body with the Blue crystalline energy (the same that we have discovered in the Shungite stone since the fall of the meteorite in the Russian region of Karelia, very interesting). This is VERY interesting it means that we are receiving direct energy from the Source (from the Throne, for those who work with the Christian language) in the Radio program last week I talked about it (Shungite Radio Show, in English).
Bach Flower Transmission You received the flowers that each one needed in the appropriate doses for your highest good.
Transmission of the vibrations of the Medicine Buddha and Haritaki the queen of Ayurvedic herbs.
Transmission of Christic energy with the Exor Pendulum.
Transmission energies Archangel Raphael (The energy of Raphael is the energy of the Divine Healing when we are at rest, “Rafá” connects with the rest at the Source).
Transmission of Ultra violet radiesthetic color, an angelic frequency par excellence.
End of session
Final measurements
Grief level, pain loss: 10% Fear level: 20% Trauma level 40% Uncertainty level 60% Despair level 50% Impotence level 40% Frustration level 20% Anger level 30%

Message from Jesus, Yeshua

“Only when you turn towards the Truth of your essence do you find the path shown to you. Only when you allow yourself to be the Truth in your lives does everything around that sacred principle reorder. Only when you live the embodied Living Truth, do you overcome the demons that They throw their poisoned hooks at you. They cannot cope with the Truth that dwells within you, they can only make you believe that nothing good dwells within you. But Truly I tell you that Truth is One with you and will lead you to Victory in all areas of your life. Be One with Her, thank you, I love you. ”


Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, infinite gratitude to Yeshua, Encarna, Juani for participating in this session.
Drink water, rest.
Barbara Meneses