Results of the Corona V bioenergetic support session

Today’s measurements have only been aimed at testing the level of resonance that the group had with the Coronavirus. In this session the level was 71%, which is a relatively high. This does NOT mean that we have necessarily contracted the virus but that from the bombardment of news, the natural concern we have, we come into resonance with things, situations, etc.

The session
All we are going to indicate is energetic and NOT medical, clinical. This is a radiesthetic-bioenergetic work where we support the energy of organs, glands, functions and systems when necessary.

The theme of the session at the bioenergetic level was an ELIMINATION difficulty. Our group has a hard time clearing something. The purpose of the session is to solve it and to help that this elimination function is in optimal mode for the group.

Hypothalamus, Gallbladder, Pituitary, Thalamus, Pericardium: They needed a color of chromobio to help their energy levels

Lungs, pineal, kidneys, bladder, immune system, small intestine, thyroid, needed sound frequencies (energy food)

We had to eliminate 3 blockages:
1- In the emotional system of the subtle field of the group affecting our health due to attachment cords with the crown v, eliminated
2- In the etheric body affecting health because we were at a group level in the timeline is NOT beneficial. We have had to make it easier for all of us to place ourselves in the most beneficial timeline for our greatest good, in which we are victorious at all levels against CV
3- The group’s collective unconscious had contracts with dense forces that affected the area of ​​communication specifically the spiritual communication in the crown area. Eliminated.

Body of Light
We have had to activate at a group level the Light body of the participants with blue and yellow crystalline light, the first connected with the first ray the energy of the Will, strengthening our will. The yellow color was intended to activate and empower our inner “solar” master.

End of session
The level of resonance of the group towards the corona v was reduced to 0. That does not mean that we will not re-enter into resonance with the virus if we continue to be concerned, etc. the less we resonate with the virus, the better.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj Pendulos Spain Pura Presencia. Have participated in the session supporting Encarna and Maite. Infinite gratitude.

After the session, drink warm water and rest