Prior to starting the session removing all that was not beneficial for us to carry onto the 2020, we had to remove 2 main blockages: one in the Subconscious mind affecting our Life path due to non beneficial structures that were causing us to feel inferior. We also had to clearr from our emotional body a pattern of “Loser” (a program of defeatism).

Next we had to remove ancestral resistences due to a conflict of Profound Loss which was manifesting in our Mind, Cellular memories and as an ancestral imprint.

Once we cleared this we proceed to remove ALL noxious unwanted energies, frequencies holding us back from experiencing the best in 2020. We worked with the Spiral Pendulum and the Exor pendulum removing Dark work such as black magic.

Finally, we transmitted Divine Love and Divine Truth from Source to open us up to the New decade, the New year.

We finished the session with the Shambhala pendulum opening us to New Life Paths, New Life soul missions and purposes, for indeed we are closing an old cycle and opening ourselves to something totally new, a new expression of who we are in Essence.

At last, 2 words came to help us understand what will this new period bring to us: an invitation to LIBERATION AND TRANSFIGURATION. Liberation frrom the old structures of oppression specially affecting us from an ancestral point of view and transfiguration which is the evolution of a human being “Christed” after going through the Resurrection, the renewal after a death process. Transfiguration can be also understood not so much in Christian terms as what the Buddhist and Hindus understand by the achievement of the Rainbow Body.

A great mantra to go along with you in 2020 can be: “I free myself from all forms of oppression, from anything that keeps me away from my True Essence and I open myself to the transfiguration of my innermost Being Free, Enlightened, Ascended and Resurrected”

Happy 2020, Happy decade


Barbara Meneses