January 24, 2021

We have transmitted the Vibrations of Divine Love to all the layers of the subtle anatomy of the targeted people, to the inner Child of each one of us, to the Mind and the Heart at all levels of our Being.

We hope this session helps you feel the support and unconditional Love that the Source has for each of us, without conditions, without “buts”, without limits.

We have worked to activate the Flow of Love of each one of us, which is a subtle and spiritual energetic movement that flows through each of us according to the teachings of the Angels and that can be withdrawn or damaged due to childhood traumas, fears, delicate situations that make us flee from Love because we feel betrayed in some way by it or by authority figures who should watch over us and perhaps not like parents, relatives, responsible adults.

Drink water and rest, you can feel emotional, it is normal, if you feel like crying, do it knowing that they are healing tears that are cleaning and washing what has moved during the session.

A big hug to all, a lot of encouragement

Thanks to E and J for participating in this session supporting with their pendulums

Session organized by Barbara Meneses free from ties for the highest good of all.