We cleaned the energy field of the group by means of the Violet Flame pendulum, we carried out a transmission of Divine Light and Divine Grace with the Archangels Pendulum of and a transmission of Ascending Divine Light with the Ascension pendulum facilitating that each person can rise to their ideal “ascensional” level.

After the session, Archangel Uriel delivered a message for us:(translated from Spanish)

“You are my beloved companions of luminous walks. I welcome you to this new Earth that opens before you and that you will begin to perceive soon. It is a new Earth, a new plan, a new design that will help everyone to be able to expand from Freedom, Love, Bliss, Light … Darkness was left behind … do not fear because what you see in these moments is a mirage of what could have been and will not be because it is not.
Only the Truth, Is. The rest is a falsehood that belongs to a world that no longer exists. Do not fall into believing what those who still cling to the old world show you. They can no longer hold those ghostly realities and seek your energy and conscious attention to bring their nightmares to life.
From Love, say “No” to their attempts and invite them, when possible, to loosen their hold on a ship that long ago failed and sank.
Be brave and strong to be able to reach this other shore from where I speak to you, inviting you to arrive from your luminous boats.
More and more of you have already touched solid ground in this new world that awaits you with open arms.
Come! Welcome, with Love, your brother in the Light, Uriel (Archangel Uriel).

What to do after the session: Drink water, rest

Session organized by Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia, session free from ties for the greatest good of all.