We have carried out a transmission of Profound Love through different means, including the Pendulum of the Archangels. Likewise, we have transmitted from the Source a powerful energy of spiritual support to each one of us in the areas of our life where we need it. Angels, archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Magdalens, the forces of Light of one hundred percent pure Light have supported in this session.
At the end of the session we received a message from the Divine Mother that we translated from English the language in which she transmitted it to us:

Divine Mother:

“You are my precious sons and daugthers and I am with at all times, do not forget this for when you do, you experience an UN-REAL separation from us, from your true nature. Ve well in the love that has been transmitted to you as a reminder of the love that is alwats at your reach, in your hearts, a Love that was planted in you as you were first created in the very HEART of hearts, your Source. Never doubt who you are, for you are One with Love. 

Be at peace and breathe from the love that you are, breathe in the Love, breathe out the fear, the sorrow, the pain, transformed into Love. Breathe in Love for the Earth, the elements, the animals, the plants, the minerals, breathe out Love for all of them, transform in this way your world…let Love be your highest guidance… We walk with you holding your hands, Rejoice! I love you, Mother.”

After the session, drink water, rest.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses Pura Presencia Baj Pendulos Spain, for the highest good of all, free from ties.
Blessings Barbara