At the group level, the level of rigidity of the mental patterns that you chose to work on in this session was 5/10, 10 being the maximum level of rigidity, so within what is possible they were not enormously rigid, so you may have already been worked with these dynamics personally or with therapists.

In this session we focused on three ways of working with the Rigpa pendulum. You received a transmission of Diamond Light that was VERY LONG to nourish, activate, enhance the illumination of your mental body, your mind, brain, glandular area in the head and thus help to loosen, release and soften the rigidity of those mental patterns that you “worried”.
Likewise, you received a transmission with the Rigpa to dissolve the rigidity of said mental patterns and dissolve the patterns when they have become obsolete and do not serve your greatest good, opening the way to the possibility of a new way of seeing, conceiving things.

Finally, you received a transmission with the Rigpa focused on expanding your consciousness from the Buddhist and Christic aspects in order that the work done in this session helps you to rise to your next level in relation to these mental patterns and you can consolidate a new internal position in which you no longer fall prey to said patterns.

Will you have those rigid mental patterns again? I don’t know, will you have them again to a lesser degree? Who knows … It depends on you. You can choose here and now to forever and ever let go of said patterns or re-engage with them because you still gain material and immaterial things due to those patterns.

Energetically and spiritually and mentally you have received great support to finally release those rigidities but as always, it depends on you if you continue to fall over and over again in identifying with the aspect of you that feels a victim and wants to resort again and again to those rigid patterns.

Drink water, rest, We do not answer personal questions about this session, thank you for your understanding.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj Pendulos free session of ties for the highest good of all.
In this session, we were assisted by E. from Madrid. Thank you very much E !!!!