The group collectively needed the following bioenergetic corrections or energetic food if we mention an organ, gland, function or system is only at an energetic level. This is a bioenergetic therapy in the distance It is not a medical care nor is it intended to be.

-Hipotalamus: Chromobio color c7

-Gallbladder color c4

-Liver c10

-Thalamus: c8

-Pituitary: c14

-Bladder: color c4
Vibratory Radiesthesia :

-Transmission of the frequencies contained in the Immune system Pendulum (SUPER LONG work) solar plexus zone

-Diamond Light Pendulum transmission, third eye zone

-Pendulum Haritaki Buddha Medicine transmission (Ayurvedic herb flowed for respiratory issues, Haritaki, queen of the herbs and the energy of the Medicine Buddha)

– Divine Eraser pendulum (Divine Eraser) to erase resonances in the crown area (coronav unconscious association with the crown).

End of session.
The group did not need anything else. Divine energies from the Source flowed for the group.

Participants drink water and rest.

Know that you have a video session recorded in two parts that you can all see when you need it during these difficult days and it will always help you to focus, ground, center yourself, calm and nurture yourself emotionally, supporting you integrate what you are experiencing.

The videos are in Spanish but you can receive the healing effects of them. They are on our channel Youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses Baj-Pendulos Spain-Purapresencia

Gratitude to Encarna and Maite who have collaborated with their pendulums for this session.

Blessings Barbara