The energy fields of the group were unbalanced, outside their axis, there were crossings of fields which generated energy confusion. Some fields were flowing backwards tired and lethargic, others were anxious and stressed. There was a Heaven-Earth disconnection and the Divine econnection was limited (at the bioenergetic level, not necessarily at the spiritual level). The main cause of the imbalances shown by the group was due to an ELIMINATION DISORDER , difficulties in eliminating things in our system.

Session: We had to clean the energy field of the group that presented an energy contamination of 6/10 due to the presence of negative entities or those who do not believe in their existence can consider them as “dense forms of energy” that were eliminated.

We had to work with the following pendulums:
-Anti radiation pendulum as there was “radioactive” contamination of a 7/10.
-Haritaki pendulum, Medicine Buddha, frequency transmission of the queen of Ayurvedic herbs and spiritual energy of healing of the Medicine Buddha

The following organs, glands, functions and systems of our organism required energetic support through colors of chromobiology: Hipotalamus, cardiovascular system, liver, pituitary, gallbladder.

Transmission of green crystalline light with frequencies of body-mind-spirit healing. Transmission of blue crystalline light with frequencies aimed at enhancing our evolutionary path and our will in order to eliminate toxins present in us.

Transmission of Divine Light and the spiritual energy of Shambhala( Shambhala pendulum) to help us raise our vibrational frequency.

At the end of the session we received a message that only in the end did we know was from Yeshua (Translated from Spanish):

“Silence … you need inner silence to carry out the alchemical transmutation that you are invited to perform these days and that will catapult you into a new reality. You must find moments of silence, otherwise you will not be able to integrate the enormous cycle that closes for you and with whose integration you will obtain the key that opens the door of the new. Quiet down and look within yourself for the pieces that you still have to integrate. A clue: it is what you judge and you cannot forgive. Release and forgive everything that in next few hours, will surface in your awareness of a remote past or from the present . Walk lightly and without luggage from the past towards the threshold of a new dawn that comes to meet you. Thank you, Yeshua “.

Drink water, rest

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj-pendulos Spain-Pura Presencia for the highest good of all, free of attachments