We have worked with the Pendulums Violet Flame, Dolphin, Whale and Hamba Divine Love, as well as with the Radionic disk Whales and Dolphins.

We have worked to help our emotional body, to relieve it of dense energy, dense emotions and any other density affecting our emotions.

We have broadcast healing frequencies of Dolphins, Whales and Divine Love.

The Radionic disk will continue to work with the targeted people up to 2 hours after the session transmitting healing vibrational frequencies to alleviate our emotional fields, our vibrating body.

What to do after the session: Drink water, rest.

Session Organized by: BMeneses, Pure Presence Low-Pendulums session free of ties for the highest good of all in harmony with Mother Earth and her Kingdoms.


Message from the Whales and Dolphins in Spanish translated:

We are the whales and dolphins that have assisted you today in this session. We represent the collective of all of us (Whales and Dolphons) who work in the Light and the Love of All that Is. You have received today a Bath of Light and healing frequencies that will work with you in the days to come with the purpose of aligning you to your soul and vital mission. Soften your attention in the heart, breathe focusing in your heart for it is through this inner portal through which flows towards you the vibratory remembrance of who you are, and what is your essence. You are Love but each one of you has a specific aroma, a texture that is unique to you. Remembering this is remembering your personal way back Home.

Be wise, apply what you received in your relationships,in your projects in your daily actions in order to anchor your new vibrational and emotional baseline in the heart of the Earth through your actions and vibrations. Only in such a way you will complete what you have receive which will then can grow from a seed into a tree that bares fruit, thanks to your appreciation, gratitude and your conscious attention. 

Gratitude is the way in which the gifts are trully received. Without gratitude they vanish as a passing dream, for the action of receiving lacked the necessarylove to keep the gift which will fly to the next person that is more open than you to receive it. We bless you, see you soon”.