The level of harmony in relation to the feminine aspect within the group was 7.3/10 pretty high I can only think this is due to the previous session we recently did.
In this session, we didn´t focus on analyzing the wound of the feminine in women and men which is unfortunately enormous. Remember this was a “mini” session. Yet we did focus on healing what could be healed and supported in relationship to the feminine wound in both men and women in this session.
We worked with the Magdalene Pendulum and the Queen Bee Oracle pendulum both tools deeply connected to the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, the feminine aspect of Source.
Deep love flow during the session for the feminine aspect, profound understanding and compassion towards the wounds and scars that carry all women and the feminine aspect within men, due to living in a “cruel” world where little compassion exists towards the gentle and sensitive nature of our feminine aspects
You received sound healing through Light language which came over your fields like a balm of love to your subtle bodies.
At the end of the session the levels of harmonization reached 9.3/10.
Mother Mary left us all a message:
“I am with you at all times, please don´t doubt my Presence. I am here, I support you…I hold your hand I walk with you. You are not alone, you are never alone. Rest in your hearts more. You all need more rest. You live hectic lives, yet in Rest All is found. You need the peace that a restful heart brings to you. I am igniting now in your heart the Power of Divine Rest so you can access it more often as you soften in your heart and take some moments of rest through your day. I will be there.
As you rest, we have soft conversations in the silence of your heart. Gentle talks that bring you closer to Home, your true nature. Oh… if you could see the beauty that I see when I look into your restful hearts, you would never leave the sacredness of that space that is awakened in you as you rest. Rest in Me, rest in Source. We love you beyond measure…
Happy Women´s day, we honor the walk of all Women on this planet, we honor the walk of all feminine in all men. Be at peace”.
Drink water and rest.
Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia, Baj Pendulos Spain.