These are group results rather than individual ones. We measured the energy of the group Resonance level with the CV before starting the session 7.1 / 10. This does NOT mean that we have the corona v. but rather that. we are so obsessed/worried with the news that we are in resonance with it.

Measurements: Before starting the session, we measured your subtle fields seeing imbalances in connection to Heaven (Yang) Earth (Yin), cosmoteluric axis , chakras, centripetal and centrifugal fields. Divine Connection temporarily disconnected (normal, due to fear, shock, worry). The greatest imbalance was cosmo-telluric curiously being that field more than 1.40 meters off-axis. There were several crossings of fields, some fields going backwards, others forward (tiredness and hyperactivity at the same time).

The energy reserves for main organs were 78% and secondary organs 82%. At the end of the session all this has been balanced.

The session:
At a bioenergetic level, the imbalance presented by the members of the group was and ELIMINATION issue (difficulties to eliminate something from our system)

Protocol Energy cleaning:
we had to eliminate dense forms of energy (or entities) because there was contamination in our subtle fields of a 7/10 because of it.

Global Protocol:
we energetically support organs, glands, functions and systems of the organism. Specifically, these were the places where you received support. Not all of you needed at those points but it is a collective work. (These are frequencies, it is energy food for our system).
– Hypophysis: sound frequency 221
-Parathyroid color c10
-Digestive system color c20
-Stomach C2
-Pancreas: sound 317
-Spleen sound 313
-Small intestine colloidal silver
-Kidneys c14
-Central nervous system 037 sound
-Autonomous nervous system color c1
-Pituitary color c12
-Large intestine color c5

Radiesthetic protocol
-Transmission with pendulum Orchids in third eye
-Transmission pendulum Sacred ocean marine phytoplankton in second chakra (belly zone, waters)
-Transmission pendulum Light diamond, third eye
-Transmission pendulum Magdalene, third eye
-Transmission pendulum Divine Eraser in crown (erasing non-beneficial codes on the crown …)

End of session.

Everything was balanced for the moment. you have received energetic “food” that can keep you balanced for many or few days depending on your physical-energetic and mental and emotional condition.

Divine Mother’s Message :
“I am here, I love you and I am at your side in these difficult moments. Call on me to receive my love, my sustenance and support. There is nothing that you have done” wrong “do not fall into this scenario of guilt and martyrdom for what It happens. There will be great revelations later this year that will shed more light and clarity on what is happening. For now, soften into your hearts, be at peace in your homes, reconnect with your heart by descending from the mind into to heart and RESTING THERE. I love you. We are with you, be in Peace”.

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses Baj-Pendulos Spain Pure Presence. Free from attachments and ties and for the highest good of all.

Drink water, rest you will integrate this session in 2 days.

Blessings Barbara Meneses

Keep safe, keep well, spirits UP!