We have transmitted a wide variety of frequencies to the energy field of the participants to revitalize and facilitate the regeneration of their energies. At the group level, you were carrying the weight of the people you care for in 8.2 / 10 or 82% which is a lot and that drains you and can cause you energetic confusion by absorbing part of the conditions that these people suffer .
We have transmitted Seraphinic frequencies, Divine Love, we have largely eliminated the weight of that load that you supported (the levels dropped to a 1/10). We have deactivated disease codes, transmitted frequencies to release past memories, purify and eliminate energy toxins and optimize your internal resources.Finally we have transmitted a blessing from the Source with His-Her gratitude to the work you do.
Jesus, Yeshua has left you this message received in English:
“I come in the name of God, I am very pleased by the work done tonight, this is what needs to happen in all areas of Human Life: basic human support for one another. You will transform the world if / when you will help in such a way one another. I love you, I am with you, be blessed. “