energy support during the pandemia/confinement situation

In this session we have made a transmission of Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Grace and Christ Consciousness. Each of these transmissions has been long and has reached all aspects of our being.

At the same time, we have carried out an energy transmission from the Earth Element because there was an excess of the Air element, perhaps due to confinement (excess of Mind and lack of Earth connection). We have also made a transmission of crystalline light to help us flow better in all senses, activating our fluidity, our blood flow, our subtle channels and the flow between people in our relationships, because these days many of us, confined, are suffering a true deprivation of relationships and the human being is a “social and relational animal” so this confinement for many is causing torture-like damage symptoms and I speak in the most literal sense.

The transmission of the energy of Christ Consciousness came to give us Divine Love while giving each of us a “package” of energy to enhance our ability to be ourselves in our essence. He came to empower us.

Yeshua’s final message (translated from Spanish):

“Brothers and sisters, I am with you, do not forget it. We are one with you. We are currently monitoring everything that happens on Earth and nothing escapes us. Do not fear. You are strong, we are strong and we can overcome what is presented to us. But you must control the emotions that are manipulated by the media because much of what you receive is subject to strong manipulation. Be wise doves, center yourselves and abide in the Peace that already lives in your hearts and do not let the “outside” world dictate how you feel internally, because it is from the vibration of your true essence that you radiate the true vibration of what IS, the authentic reality to which and from which you are invited to live and incarnate in every moment. Release the false, embrace the true , rest in the Peace of your hearts, we are there with you. We bless you in Love and in Light. I am Yeshua. “

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj-Pendulos Spain-Pure Presence free of attachments

After the session: Drink water, rest.