Light Bath-Harmonization Nature

Initial measurements of the group.
-Initial harmonization level with Nature 41% (ideal is 100%)
-Grounding to Earth Level (44%. 100% ideal)
-Light level of the group (81% as I felt this level was pretty high I wasked what would be the level if you hadn´t receive ALL the free group sessions we have provided and the measurement of Light for the group dropped to 31%. That is to say that thanks to all the group sessions, the group´s level of Light increased in light coefficient from 31% to 81%).
-Level of cleansiness of our roots connecting us to Earth (61%, ideal 100%)

We have harmonized with the Pendulum Ho ‘and Ho’ oponopono our relationship with Mother Nature. The two most necessary medicines “I’m sorry” and “Thank you”, there being a lack of feeling and gratitude towards Mother Nature and all that she gives us. Sad and an invitation to become aware of our general lack of gratitude.

We have cleaned the group’s roots (the ones that connect us to mother Earth, with the Pachamama pendulum)

Pendulum transmission Orchids at the heart of the healing vibrations of orchids, quintessential “ascended” flowers

Shambhala pendulum transmission in third eye of frequencies of the Shambhala kingdom to help us raise our vision and energy frequency

Pendulum transmission Magdalene ascended light frequencies helping us to integrate and clean our central channel and heart

Transmission energy of the Archangel Raphael (Pendulum Archangels) in the heart

Transmission of Divine Light in the third eye Transmission of Divine Truth in the heart

Yellow crystalline frequency transmission to activate our Inner Master and illumination.

After the session I asked if there was any message for the group and the answer was NO. I was surprised and asked again and the answer was that No. I leave it there …

Final measurements of the group:

-Light level of the group 88%
-Level of harmonization with nature 100%
-100% level of grounding to Earth
-Level of cleaning of our roots 100% It does not mean that these measurements stay there forever … we will go again oscillating and some of us will be consuming these energies quickly.

Drink water, rest

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses, Baj-Pendulos Spain-Pura Presencia. Infinite gratitude to Juani and Maite who have supported this session today.