Hundreds of persons signed into this Light Bath session from both pages the Spanish Facebook page of Baj Pendulos and the English one.
We worked with the Ascension pendulum transmitting Ascending Light into all layers of your being, from the mental, the emotional, the astral, the etheric, Spiritual and physical aspects.
it was a long process as the Light cleared blockages and negativity holding us back from our natural uplifted vibrational state.
At the end of the session, a message from Divine Mother came in for us:
“You are in the process of Ascension. You need to clear that which holds you back and brings you down into limitation. You are not your physical bodies. it is good to take are of them, but that is not who you are. Soften into the realization of the Light that you are let that light sink into your understanding of the nature of your Real Self. That is Ascension, to ascend from the limited self into your True Self. Be here now, real.Blessings from here to here.”
Drink water and restSession facilitated by Barbara Meneses Pura Presencia for the highest good of all free from attachments.