Held on November 26th 2021

The goodness of this session was also transmitted to your animal friends.

We worked with the following pendulums: Magdalene, transmitting the frequencies of the Magenta Ray, supporting the integration in Wholeness of our current experiences, memories, supporting our ascension into higher vibrational states and levels of our being.

We worked with the Archangels pendulum with Archangel Michael, transmitting Divine Light, Divine Love and healing supportive energies from Archangel Michael.

We also worked with the Ascension pendulum transmitting Ascending Light frequencies to all our levels and layers of our being helping us ascend and rise to where we need to be.

At the end of the session we received a blessing from Source (Source of 100% Pure Love and Light).

At the end of the session we received a message from Archangel Michael:

I am here with you, supporting you. Fear NOT. Fear lowers your vibration you cannot afford to drop your vibration now. It is important that you keep in personal integrity, safe and protected by high values of Love, Light, Respect, Honor. At this time, dis-honorable beings are trying to bring you to your knees but you are great Lions,remember who you are. You came here for these final days of this old Era. You close the cycle in Love and Light, releasing resentment, your heart pure and clean. Move beyond the current limitations, they cannot overpower you. You are the Light now. Blessed be”.


Drink water, rest

Session facilitated by Barbara Meneses free from attachments for the highest good of all.