Before starting we have made a series of measurements for the group. Remember that they are general measurements. Some levels were surprisingly low but according to the following information that would explain the levels of certain parameters found.

Also, please note that when working in a group, it is NOT THE SAME as working individually. We do not follow our working protocols because the dynamics are different in a group than in an individual session where we can investigate much more.
Prior to the session these were some measurements of the group:
-Level of harmonization of the heart: 4 on 10
-Level of alignment to the Source (Source of all that Is): 1 on 10
-Level of blockages that prevent alignment to the Source: 8 out of 10 At this point I see that we are being attacked.The level of severity of that attack is 7 out of 10
. -Level of internal resistance to the harmonization of the heart: 4 out of 10.

The session:
Through the Archangels pendulum and the Christ Consciousness we have eliminated HUNDREDS of implants affecting our heart and preventing its optimal harmonization. Long and tedious work.

Transmission of a specific frequency to cut ties, no beneficial knots and eliminate harmful forces that paralyze our evolution. Transmission of energetic frequencies to raise our vibratory rate aligning it with our Essence and Spirit.
Transmission with Pendulum Magdalene, of integrating Magenta energies and frequencies of the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine to help us integrate all the experiences that in this life we have NOT been able to integrate and that affect our heart and keep us fragmented not allowing us to experience our natural state in Wholeness. Long and intense work.

Transmission with the pendulum Roses of vibratory frequencies to clean our hearts at all levels.
Direct transmission of Jesus, Christ Consciousness to us giving us the frequencies that each one needs to be able to harmonize our heart and align ourselves with our true essence.
Transmission of the Divine Mother of the frequencies that we each need to harmonize our hearts and open ourselves to receive the full and absolute Love that She has for us.

End session:

Heart harmonization level at group level: 9 out of 10
Level alignment with Source 10/10
Level of blockages preventing heart harmonization: 0
Level internal resistance to harmonization: 0

This does not mean that these results are always going to remain this way … as the days go by we will “eat these frequencies” and our harmonization levels can become unbalanced again. It is a timely help in the right direction.
I hope it helps you, drink water, rest. It will take a couple of days to integrate the session. We do not answer private questions about this session. If you feel emotional or wanting to cry, give yourself the love and non judgemental space to release these emotions. In a few days you should feel better. This session is benevolent and free from any ties.

Session facilitated by Bárbara Meneses Baj Pendulos España-Pura Presencia, for the greatest good of all.