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Seven line Prayer calling Guru Rinpoche

Vajra Guru Mantra: Om ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

Self Liberation through Naked Awareness

Crystal Clear Space, Radiant Vajra Heart

Everything dissolving Is released in the Now

Bioenergetic properties:

Great Spiritual Protection. Clears the mind from false impressions, returns to Pure Presence, clear mind. Removal of demonic influences, Vast infinite spaciousness, cultivates naked intrinsic awareness. All the teachings of the Buddha within this mantra. The actualization of the Vajra of the Heart, cutting through ALL illusions. The Buddhas of ALL realms have come to bless this song helping Humanity connect to ALL the Pure Buddha Fields. Ask to be blessed by them as you listen, receive their protective blessings to put an end of suffering, and achieve Supreme Enlightenment. Pure Centering Vibration, Supports Rainbow Body, Pure White Light, Pure Gold Vibration.

May the merits of this chant be offered to ALL sentient beings in ALL realms of existence to put an end to suffering and the causes of suffering, achieve happiness and the causes of happiness and reach Supreme Enlightenment. Emaho!

Empowered to chant this mantra by HH Sakya Trizin.


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