Group session for our ELDERLYDate: June 21, 2020, time 19h Madrid Spain (calculate your time zone) Session in the distance

We call on all dowsers, Reiki practitioners, energy healers, people with LOVE to join in this group session with all the elderly in the world who are currently silently suffering the pain of social isolation imposed by draconian measures due to the “bug.”

What can we do? Simply focus on all the elderly who are suffering at the moment and work with your preferred spiritual-energy modality to send them all the LOVE, THE LIGHT, THE EMOTIONAL, ENERGY, PHYSICAL, HUMAN SUPPORT they need in order to help them cope with this situation.

At the same time that we ask for both Heaven and Earth for a maximum RESPECT for them, their health and their vital needs, NOT GIVING our consent to any hidden form of violation of their rights to Live their lives with DIGNITY.

Organized by B, Meneses, Baj Pendulos Pura Presencia España, session free of ties for the highest good of all.

We carry out the session as an offering to those willing to receive the benefits of the session. It is not an imposition but a positive contribution and support, always looking after their greatest good and with the utmost respect for our elders.

Blessings Barbara