Bioenergetic session (in Spanish) clearing ALL memories related to the corona v, and EVERYTHING that is occurring now as a result of this global situation.

You don´t need to understand Spanish.
1- The first position held we are working on clearing memories from the I AM SORRY perspective which also means I LIBERATE MEMORIES BY FEELING THEM. Focus on what you need to clear and go along the video receiving the clearing to what is coming up for you.

2- The second position we are working on LOVING the memories and relationships that connects us to ALL, from the virus, the governements, the elites all the stuff that is running in the collective unconscious and conscious these days.The confinement our frustrations, fears, insecurities, paranoia etc.

3-The third position at the level of the third eye we focus clearing our perception releasing misperceptions, misconceptions by means of the vibration of PLEASE FORGIVE ME. We clear fake news. pineal gland, higher mind, disconnecting from media, manipulation whatever is affecting you now.

4.The fourth position we focus on clearing memories and relationships through GRATITUDE.

You can watch the video anytime you need to clear.


Barbara Meneses
Baj-Pendulos Spain-Pura Presencia in service to Humanity for the highest good of ALL.