We´ve been asked to support bioenergetically a lady in hospital with the “bug” via our Bioenergetic sessions. As we have written in the Corona V protocol, there is a component  of biological conflicts coming up with this “condition”. The body trying to resolve conflicts which could even be transgenerational.A lot of support was needed for the glandular system and deep nourishment at a very core level to rise her system up. Finally to my surprise, an extra support of 3 days under our brand new  Radionic disc “Health and regeneration”.

This morning I received an email from her husband super thrilled, she´s been taken out of an induced sleep and she will be recovering in the recovery section of the hosp quite a good signal! Hurrey!

For sure, for her recovery several elements are key: her health care system. the love of her family, her desire to overcome this situation, and maybe our energetic and spiritual assitance. She was also prayed upon by us and for sure all her family. Violet flame was sent to surround her and all her hosp room.