You are not to blame for the fall of Atlantis and the encapsulation in space-time of the Earth and all its inhabitants, including the dark beings who partly plotted the destruction of this space.
But … you may have the solution. In fact, you may have incarnated yourself as part of the solution …
If the fall of Atlantis and the whole world that was thus trapped in a space-prison where time was distorted with respect to the rest of the cosmos … through the use of a lethal weapon that used the Zero Point field, what if the solution To get out of this mess, is going through Zero Point again, this time from our hearts? …

And what role would the heart have as a solution to this cosmic drama? Wouldn´t it be for us to focus on expanding love through the zero point field of our hearts?

What if Gaia, the Soul of the Earth had already left the prison and was helping the other aspects of herself from “outside” the space-time prison in which she fell with that great attack in the days of Atlantis? ..

What if our only mission was to collaborate with the Earth, raise our frequencies, choose love again and again, learn or remember to anchor in our heart and operate from that center, putting all mentalism at the service of Love and not the other way around? ..

What if everything were as simple as the wise men and women of ancestral indigenous cultures tell us, those beings of good who watched over to expand the benevolent vibration of their hearts to heal and embrace everything with the mantle of Love? …
If it were just that … can we NOW  get down to work for the great final phase please?
Barbara meneses