For those of you who are sensitive and empaths you might have felt the Flow of Love withdrawing from the collective lately… this can be experienced very personally by those empaths who do not distinguish the emotional baseline of the collective from their own emotional standpoint. Over-identification to the collective energies can leave us exhausted , empty and depressed.

If you resonate with these words, call back The Flow of Love into your hearts (we speak about this in our Dowsing Key 01)
express love for the flow of love, love for your heart, and request the return into your heart center of this flow.
Next, offer love to someone around you, a person, your animal companions, a plant… caress, hug, water lovingly your plants…extend Love…
It is not all about receiving receiving, we need to make conscious acts of Love specially when love is withdrawing as it seems to be doing now for some in the collective. It is temporal and there is for sure a great lesson for this to be happening… but let´s not suffer more than what we need to bare ourselves… keep at check your levels of empathy and discern what is yours and what is collective. right now it is quite important.

We have transmitted into this image a transmission of pure unconditional Love for those in need to receive it. Simply soften your gaze into the image with the intention to receive this transmission, if it is for your highest good, as always.

The Shambhala pendulum…/catalogue/shambhala-pendulum/