We are all sensing that the structures of the Old paradigm are falling. They no longer serve us as we have outgrown them. This is causing a lot of anxiety and stress in the collective field as, we want changes yet at the same time we fear the abyss, the unknown,  what comes next. And what comes next has not yet been “seen” nor established. We are like midwives, shamans between worlds, yet the new has not yet been fully perceived.

This triggers extreme fear for those who are not used to change and transformation.

This is when Peace comes “handy” to us. The vibration of Peace can be at this moment in our history like a pure balm for our Souls, for those around us. If we can access this Peace within us and extend it outwards radiating it, we will do an immense service to the collective field of Humanity and the other kingdoms (animal, mineral, vegetal) who are suffering from the extreme neurosis of mankind.

Inmerse yourself in the waters of your own Peace. Let it Be at the forefront of your consciousness and extend it radiating all your surroundings, your beloved ones, your property and community… Let there be Peace.