Our Level 1 and 2 courses of Mental Dowsing, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing are aimed at training you as a Therapeutic Dowser, that is, not only as a Dowser, but as a therapist.

Throught the course we highlight important aspects that as a Dowser working in a therapeutical context, you need to know, to perform your work with a professional and ethical criteria not only towards your clients but firstly towards yourself.

This is the nature of the message in this picture: we need to practice energetic self respect in order for us to take full responsability of our own energy field and keep it balanced, well nourished and stable. Only then we can venture and work with others.

Our energy fields require coherent information and nourishment to thrive. Whenever we have stopped listening to the Pulse of Life within us and are ignoring the energetic hunger message of these fields, we force them to vampirize other life forms in search of the nourishment we are depriving them. We call this “to become an energetic vampire”, when in fact, it is more a problem of our own deafness, ignoring our own cries for help and support.

Whenever we are mistreating our fields in such a way, our Dowsing practice as Dowsers and as Therapists will be affected negatively. Our results will stop being accurate and we will be treating ourselves rather than our clients during our sessions. The solutions and remedies that we will find, will not be in service to our clients, friends, family members or animal companions but rather in service to our own undernourished selves.

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