This Christmas in the face of  Fear we are going to choose LOVE. And you can interpret it however you want … personally I am going to celebrate with whom I consider my family and I am going to  ignore the fear mongerers and haters who attempt to brain wash me by telling me that life or death is decided by a bug, a globalist agenda or whatever nonsense they are trying to inforce.

So dear pendulum family, I encourage you to vibrate in love and happiness on these dates, making reality at a vibrational level what the inner Christ means, the Light of consciousness within us, awake and vibrate in a heart fully open to Love. to the Light, to happiness.

Let’s end the year by dismissing and fact-checking those forces that have unsuccessfully sought to crush our Spirit, to bend us not just this year but every year of all epochs for eons … Yes, because those same forces are the ones that infiltrate the groups and communities of good to burst them with their hatred, their envy, their low vibrations … those same forces are those that burn books, block wisdom, reward the corrupt and punish the righteous and honest, forces that send those who have faith in something Beautiful and truthfull to be devoured by lions … cowardly forces that need to hide under their suits, their armchairs, their conspiracies, their psychopathic projections onto the innocent.

Fair well to those forces that faint in their low hours when they see that no matter how many churches they burn down with their hatred, they cannot destroy the true church of love, that shines more than ever in the hearts of the whole, the pure, the awakened … . Forces of such degrading nature that they can only steal innocence, vampirize the bearer of Light because they cannot feed themselves from the Eternal Luminosity of the Source of all Goodness.

Happy Holidays to all! and celebrate without fear!
Barbara Meneses