Time in Dowsing

Our Online Courses Level 1 and 2 are aimed at training a new generation of Dowsers and Pendulum healers not only in the milenary art of Dowsing but also in the therapeutic art of working with others for the purpose of assisting their healing. We are combining ancient teachings with cutting edge information taking into account the awakening of our multidimensionality in a transpersonal approach.

Here is a tip from our coaching sessions as we have found that many students tend to spend hours in one pendulum sitting session.

We need to train our Subconscious mind to fit the work in a pre-determined time lapse or else we will go over the board and spend hours loosing momentum and the flow of the session, getting tired and drained.

We can define the time for our session, be it one hour, one hour and a half or two hours and gradually our Subconscious mind and guiding system will adjust to this rhythm.

Confining our sessions to a particular time duration will also help us get more organized. We will need to be orderly in our resources, the application of radiesthetic solutions and the scrolling through our protocols or whichever means we have for finding and accessing the information we need to track.

We know that for Veteran dowsers this may seem obvious, but be compassionate with the new generations of dowsers for whom this information can be really helpful. Thank you. At Baj Pendulos Spain we are working for them. Supporting the new generations. <3

Dowsing and Pendulum Healing Online Courses:

Photo: Niklas Rhose