Keep practicing your basics in Dowsing it will serve you well to always keep your Beginner´s Mind active.
If you forget your basics, the more you think you advance in Dowsing the more lost you actually are. It is only the basics, the base that will support your flight. Touch base!

I receive emails by people asking for advanced practices and yet, by their answers to my questions, I find that they haven´t yet mastered the basics. If they had done so they would be able to take themselves to this advanced level. For when you master the basics in dowsing, the sky opens up and you can evolve yourself without having to find someone else to open the possibilities for you.

Keep working at your basics, that is learn to test, verify and ask questions, keep a beginners mind activated always, it will serve you greatly. Gain confidence in YOURSELF and then fly. Fly with your own wings and be surprised at your achievements. We are One yet we are all unique, find your uniqueness and go for it.