Do you want to get closer to God? … contemplate his essence, his values, his “personality”, because they are always stable, unchanging … they simply are …

One of its qualities is to always watch over the Universal Good. If you manage to get out of the particular good, that for which we fall into selfishness, into the “Me myself and I”, and we embrace Universal Goodness, we approach God, we can say that we touch Him/She with that sublime intention which is to watch over the good of all kingdoms.
The art of Dowsing that looks after the greatest good of all is much safer and more stable than one that focuses on private interests. When we embrace the general interest, the particular takes its place, which is neither more nor less important than the rest of the collective. Taking care of the particular from the general, we can ensure the balance of forces that govern the World of forms, subtle energies, intentions, purposes, missions.
Keep always in heart-mind the highest good of all and you will have a great Dowsing life
Barbara Meneses