He was a Mayan elder from Guatemala. He came to give a talk, 12 years ago, to Southern Spain… He spoke words of peace, but I could barely listen to the sound coming out of his mouth. All I could do was to tune into his Heart. I am still tuned into his heart so many years later, still feeling the power of his Love. I have never experienced anything like that before.
His medicine was not the power of his speech but the power of his heart. He didn´t need to do anything nor was he hooked up into fulfilling his lifepath or his mission. He was his heart and nothing more. It was simple and yet so powerful.

We came here to Love, just like this Mayan elder, sincerely, honestly, purely, authentically, simply… with no fuss, no fanfare, no makeup, no glitter nor shimmering lights… to Love, purely, strongly, powerfully,
We have already made it. We have transformed the World and the Universe. All it needed was a bunch of hearts and we made it.
Let´s keep on Loving and let´s expand this Love even further and deeper! just for the sake of it.

Barbara Meneses


Photo: Steve Halama