–Flower from my Australian garden. Text “The Fruit of Paradise grows in my garden, I offer it to you, Barbara”–

This morning in contemplation I asked Source what we can do to help these delicate days that we are going to live. His/Her message has been simple and powerful: “Hold the Light.”
It is one thing to receive the Divine Light that comes to us and quite another thing to “hold” it.  in Spanish to hold is “sostener” which can be decoded as ” I hold in case of SOS” . In an emergency, we have the Light. This is such a powerful gift from Source. She-He is saying that we ALWAYS have the Light in an emergency to hold onto it.

Holding the Light is a kind of “level 2” as far as the Light is concerned. It is one thing to receive it and another to be able to hold it because we have cultivated the internal mechanisms, the luminous muscles to be able to sustain the Light, maintain the Light, consolidate the Light, anchor the Light, because it does not escape us through mental and emotional energetic holes.that make us feel always hungry, lacking something.

Most of us walk sadly as people starving for something … starving for Light, starving for love, it is what Buddhists call the “hungry ghosts” who passed through the other side of the veil but maintain their addictions and obsessions with a frenzy still incredible though They are no longer embodied because they never resolved those great patterns of lack and scarcity.

“Sustaining”,”Holding” is being able to have something even in times of S.O.S, in times of emergency. Because in the depths of our Being we know that we have, we are, we are immersed in the most inexhaustible Source of Divine Light and Divine Love and we trust, confident, hopeful and with full faith that God,Source, never breaks his promises and never fails us.

If God tells us today that our mission is to HOLD the Light, He is telling us:

  • 1- We are at the next Level, we are no longer hungry for Light, we are no longer in begging mode
  • 2- We have developed the spiritual muscles capable of sustaining and radiating the Divine Light around us
  • 3. He-She love us so much that trusts us to hold something as sacred as the Divine Light, the Light of the Original Source.
  • 4- The Source empowers us in our vital purpose, our mission with a clear instruction that we can follow if we feel the call. Hold the Light.


When you feel scared, confused, uncertain about what is happening in your / our reality, remember this, our mission purpose for these moments is to HOLD THE LIGHT.
By definition if you hold it, you already have it.  Then do something positive with the Light that you have, hold it so that others see in you the lighthouse that you are and do not deviate or lose hope.
Let’s hold the Light. Very attentive this weekend. In the face of any darkness that we perceive in actions, thoughts, intentions, let’s hold the Light, it is all that is asked of us. We are Light, let us be it for the World now more than ever.
Barbara meneses