Observe the “pulls” that the consensual reality that seems to be living collectively in these moments hits, looking for you to give your energy to such a party, such another, such a situation, such another, such a scenario of future events or such another.
Call it the “The Dark ones”, “The cabal”, the 2030 agenda or whatever they are calling it … call it invasion, crisis, the “bug”, “the invisible ennemy” … whatever you want to call it …
Observe the pulls to drag you and force you to PAY your attention  OUTSIDE OF YOU.
In some cases it seems “extremely urgent” that we do this the other thing from beyond … in other cases it is “extremely urgent” that you wake up, become aware of this the other thing from beyond. In other cases it is the “tremendous injustice”, “abuse of power”, “The coup” that is being committed …
ALL THAT, listen to me well … ALL THAT … although true, less true, false, less false, half true, half false … is looking for you to give your energy, your attention, your focus of creative consciousness.
So our task is neither this nor the other, but to go beyond what is being shown on the chess board, and to see the STRATEGY of one or the other to attract you to their side.
And yes, there is one side better than the other … BUT … if you get lost along the way because you get diluted, you lose your energy, you go into fear, anger, rage, frustration … you lose yourself and the other side won … even though you focused on the “cool” …

RETURN TO YOUR CENTER … if you have not been called to play a stellar role in this game, consider that your role in it is perhaps: NO ROLE … simply continue to be yourself, in your peace, in your centering, cultivating your highest values ​​for the greatest good of all, without losing yourself in the multiple narratives that THOSE FROM OUTSIDE YOU tell you.
Otherwise, you will be shaken like a tree with weak roots and trunk that will break at the first blow of wind.
Come back to yourself. YOU WIN WHEN YOU RETURN TO YOUR SELF. There is no other “winning” option. settle into it.

Barbara meneses