You can program your hand to act as a dowsing chart which will help you when you are out and about with your pendulum. You can program your hand and fingers to represent as shown in the image, an excess of energy, a lack of energy, a point of balance (middle finger). You can also establish a finger to represent 0 units, or 1 unit, or 10, 100, 1000 units and the finger of the other extreme of your hand to represent the maximum unit you wish to measure. So you can have your small finger representing 1 or zero and your thumb representing 10, your middle finger representing halfway through your count, a 5 lets say.

You can also use this hand chart to gauge the levels of balance or imbalance of your chakras in terms of excess or lack of energy and bring the chakra back to alignment and balance with a dowsing command such as:

-Bring back to perfect balance my root chakra, thank you.

Let the pendulum swing performing the healing task at hand and re-measure once you have finished. This is a quick and great way to keep your chakras aligned and correctly energyzed.