Be attentive this week to the visible or subtle manifestation of the result of blockages, traumas, sabotage and self-sabotage that could disturb the progress of our destiny, our vital project, the things on which we are focused.
Without fear of it, we can choose to see this “setback” not as such, but as a challenge that comes with a PRIZE, and even celebrate the arrival of this resistance to change that only involves two things:
1. Our victory because we have become aware of it
2- Our victory because the way Source operates,  every challenge ALWAYS COMES WITH A PRIZE, that is to say that one never comes to us without being accompanied by the conquest of a new internal territory in terms of advancement, conquest, reception of new potential gifts, talents that will be awakening and that we will be able to put into practice to achieve our mastery in its management and use.

In the case of traumas, when they emerge, we are also facing an imminent victory because with the emergence of trauma comes with it, the internal and external help that we always receive to be able to process it constructively, help that can be direct from the spiritual world, in the form of inspiration on how to approach itshealing, in the form of spiritual healing, or under synchronicities that align us to discover new information that can help us or find people who can help us.

Faced with this Dowsing Card from our deck, that many might feel as a nuisance, discomfort as a result of their resistance to change, WE CELEBRATE that it is possible that this week for some of the readers of this page, which is the one we have focused on, blockages, resistance, sabotage and self will emerge. – sabotages with which we can feel that we have stumbled on the way when in reality, we have stumbled yes, but with a GIFT that frees us, expands us, makes us grow in mastery

Have a happy week full of “gifts” with which to free yourself! Free us!!!
Well, where we go One we all go, liberating a person, the collectivity is liberated and we lighten the load that the collective Unconscious of the Human species supports and therefore of the Earth and the Soul of the World.




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