Dolphins and Whales

Date: Sunday 25 April 2021 Time: 18h Madrid Spain (calculate your time zone)
Session purpose: to provide emotional support with the healing energy of whales and dolphins, to those who sign up both on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE in the corresponding links (Click on the word Facebook or Youtube). The posts will be deleted 30 min before the session begins.

What to do before the session: decree that I open myself to receive ONLY the BEST of this session if it is for my GREATEST GOOD, thank you.
What to do during the session: You can move on with your life knowing that you will receive this support. You can also sit down to meditate or in relaxation open to receive the session.
What to do after the session: drink water and rest
Main dowsing tools used in this session: Dolphin Pendulum designed by Pura Presencia and manufactured by BAJ and the new Pura Presencia Whale pendulum.
Organized by: Barbara Meneses, Pura Presencia Baj-Pendulos, session free of ties for the highest good of all in harmony with Life and Nature.
Warning: NO vibrating tools will be used that contain animal elements or that have supposed animal cruelty.


The Whale pendulum