A student and felow dowser reports of a success helping a dog by means of our Bach Flower Dowsing chart which has impregnated the essence of the Bach Flowers from their purest form for us to be able to work with our pendulums and other ways,.

Here is his story

Good day! Just want to share to you a healing I did on a dog.
My brother’s friend got 5 dogs and 4 of them already died due to some kind of virus.
The last dog was still alive when my brother contacted me and he said that this last dog is really in bad condition and dying.
He asked me if i can help heal the dog, coz his friend loves that dog so much.
I tried to use the Bach flower chart.
After doing my initial healing on the dog (sending colors),  i placed the picture of the dog on top of the bach flower for few days and until now.
You know i got a good news from my brother that the dog got better now. Emoji
Really happy doing this healing.
Thanks so much!