A message for this week:

Hold your sacred space.

The message we have received for this week is to hold our sacred space. Maintain our internal and external position reflecting who we are, what are the values ​​and vibrations that we consider sacred and that we appreciate, and therefore that we radiate creating a tapestry around us stable, firm that supports our multidimensional Being in it and around it so From there, we can build new realities, new opportunities and open up new internal and external territory in which to explore new possibilities.

Interesting that we have a pendulum in our collection that works precisely on it, it is the Sacred Space Pendulum that you can see in this link:

Sacred Space Pendulum

May you have an excellent week and remember the importance of your Sacred Space so that nothing or nobody disturbs it and that if this happens, remember these words and look for a moment of internalization to regain your space sovereignly and reorganize it in such a way that you can settle down again. in it, free, empowered, being who you are in your essence free from influences and interferences that disturb the essential truth of who you are!