Sacred Space Pendulum



Sacred Space Pendulum

The Sacred Space pendulum has a charge of the Pure Centering Vibration and Ceremonial chocolate from one of the most precious sources of this sacred element found in Guatemala.

This pendulum is ideal for shamanic work when wanting to open and create Sacred Space and Ceremonial Space uplifting and protecting the space by means of the combined use of our intention and the special properties of the pendulum.

Ceremonial chocolate has been used for centuries if not longer as part of sacred ceremonies that brought people together in a heart to heart connection.  We are selling these pendulums in our Space Clearing category because we know it can bring the space to a higher vibration connecting with the higher heart. But this tool can also be used when we need to bring our clients and animal friends back into the heart, back into their spiritual self.

The base radiesthetic color of this pendulum is White, an ideal color for healing.

These are some of the reported properties of ceremonial cacao:

  • Medicinal remedy
  • heart opener
  • Shamanic work, journeys
  • Opening the directions, creating sacred space
  • Connecting to higher self
  • Supports meditation
  • Balance Yin yang
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Connection to higher dimensions
  • Well being,  sense of contentment, happiness

The sacred Space pendulum is a tool of  Ho’ oponopono for cleansing memories due to the main ingredient used to make hot chocolate.

How to use this pendulum:

  1. To open and create sacred space by calling the Directions, your guides, angels before working with your pendulum healing session, or your massage therapy session etc.
  2. To close your sessions, as a way to restore the vibrations of the space after your pendulum healing work
  3. To uplift the energy field of a client/animal whenever they require the properties of the pendulum. You can spin the pendulum clockwise with the intention of transmitting the vibrations needed by the client. Anchor and seal the process with a hand gesture so that the energies transmitted remain within the client and do not vanish in the air.
  4. You can perform deeper work with this pendulum such as soul retrievals, shamanic journeys etc.

The measurements of the vibrations in this pendulum are unusually high with the Lecher Antenna 🙂

Disclaimer: pendulums are not substitutes for proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF

Beech wood pendulum, 20 grams aprox

Ingredients: Ceremonial cacao and Pure centering vibration. This cacao comes directly from Guatemala from integral sources.


Additional information

Weight 50 g


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