The Reiki Master Pendulum



The Reiki Master Pendulum

Included: A pendulum, a manual in PDF and a Dowsing and Teleradiesthesia Reiki double Chart

The Reiki Master Pendulum has been created by Baj Pendulos Spain and developed by BAJ Laboratory. It is a pendulum that has been attuned to all levels of Reiki from the lineages of: Reiki Usui Ryoho, Gendai Reiki Ho and Traditional Japanese Reiki. The pendulum is a wooden sphere with a physical element inside with a high vibrational charge of all the levels of Reiki (1,2,3-Master level). It also contains the Pure Centering Vibration, a high vibrational energy that enables proper grounding in one´s own essence and the awakening of our connection to Oneness and Wholeness.

This pendulum has been created for dowsers who have never been attuned to Reiki, for Reiki practitioners who do not have all levels of Reiki and for Reiki Masters who wish to enhance and deepen their practice with the combination of Reiki and vibratory radiesthesia.

The Reiki Master pendulum acts as a Reiki Master. He is able to channel any and all of the Reiki energies that are needed in a given moment. It has the full spectrum of the Reiki frequencies in their highest and purest of forms.

The pendulum has three cord positions from which to work:

  • The position on the Green bead: This is the position to channel all of Reiki´s energies. The main position of the pendulum.
  • The position on the Ultraviolet bead: This position enables us to access Reiki energies from a higher octave and connects with the angelic and archangelic realms. This position helps us work with Spiritual issues and establish a strong spiritual protection around the client´s aura.
  • The position on the White bead: helps us ask questions (mental dowsing), comb and clear the aura, purify the room we are working on and radiate Pure Christed White Light.


The Reiki Master Manual

The pendulum comes along with a 38 pages manual with very clear and concise steps to integrate Reiki and Dowsing and start working with these two healing modalities. With the help of the manual, you will be able to perform a full session with the Reiki Master pendulum as well as other more specialized treatments.

An introduction to Reiki and Dowsing is provided for those not familiar with either of these energy healing modalities.

We believe this work will provide solid foundations for those wanting to combine both approaches in a coherent and efficient synergy.

In the next weeks, we will record an Online course deepening these practices for those willing to learn with us how to optimize the combination of both arts.


The Reiki Dowsing and Teleradiesthesia Chart

This manual comes along with a free double Dowsing Chart that will help you work in teleradiesthesia mode (Dowsing at a distance). You will be able to comb and clear the aura of your client, measure the level of balance of your client´s chakras and/or meridians, establish the degree of intensity of the energetic blockages of your client´s energy field with the help of the Byosen Thermometer a very useful measuring tool.

The chart offers clear descriptions of the main Reiki positions, Reiki points to work with the Reiki Master Pendulum and their benefits on a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

You can also channel the energy of the 4 main Reiki symbols which have been attuned in the chart. This means that the symbol is actually vibrating the exact energy that it was originally intended to do. This allows you to impregnate your pendulums with the energy of the symbols. (You can do this with other pendulums as the Reiki Master does not need this procedure for it has already within it, the energies of the Reiki symbols, as explained in the manual).



Wooden pendulum in a velvety pouch, 34 pages Manual in PDF, Double Dowsing and teleradiesthesia chart in PDF (in ANSI format B format and A3 format).

Velvety pouch color may vary depending on manufacturer´s availability. Currently available in magenta color.

The Dowsing Chart has been designed by for Baj Pendulos Spain.




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