The Tao Pendulum


Pendulum+Manual PDF+Dowsing Chart in PDF+Attunement to pendulum


The Tao Pendulum

(Pendulum+ Manual in PDF+Dowsing Chart in PDF+ Attunement to pendulum)

This pendulum is one of our most precious creations. It is a tool of Vibratory radiesthesia emitting special vibrations due to the shape of the pendulum, the inner physical and energetic elements inside the pendulum and the intent of its creation.

The Tao pendulum is connected to the Unified Field of unlimited potential that we call the Tao. Thus, it grants us access to this ocean of pure potentiality that is at the Origin of Creation. The vibrations of the pendulum are very high and very alive working at a deep quantum level bringing new energies into this dimension from the Unmanifested.

This pendulum has been specially created for the following work:

  • To balance and harmonize our fields and living spaces with the Tao, Source
  • To balance our Yin Yang forces within and around us
  • To balance the Five elements according to the Chinese theory of the five elements
  • To balance and harmonize our entire meridian system
  • Balance the different polarities we might be entangled in order to return to Oneness, Wholeness
  • To nourish, center and balance our Shen Qi Jing
  • To nourish, center, balance and develop our Dan Tian (Three Jewels)
  • To nourish and replenish our Kundalini reserves
  • To work with the Iching´s hexagram to bring balance and remove blockages by means of the vibrational qualities of the hexagrams
  • To align ourselves and nourish our Heaven-Earth connection and axis
  • To work in the field of Feng Shui and Space clearing
  • To balance geobiological lines
  • To download gifts and talents from the Tao field
  • To raise our vibrations and those of our living environment
  • To bring harmony, balance and positivity to all areas of our life.
  • Can act as a Feng Shui overall balancer and harmonizer
  • Holds the vibration of Source, Tao wherever the pendulum is.


Properties of the pendulum

→By its ingredients

  • The pendulum has a physical charge inside radiating the Pure Centering Vibration, a radiation equivalent to Spiritual Gold which has the capacity to align ourselves to Source, raise our consciousness levels and our vibrations. (We study this vibration on our Online Level 2 Course)
  • The pendulum has also a physical charge supporting our ability to reach Unity, Oneness integrating our different aspects in order to return to the Tao, one of the highest Spiritual aspirations one might have.
  • The pendulum has a physical charge helping us purify and bring forth, the essence of all things.

→By its shape

The pendulum has a sphere representing the Yin energy and an Osiris head representing the Yang energy, together they unite the Yin/Yang. The sphere acts as a radiating force and the Osiris head acts as a penetrating wave (Yang) carrying information, in this case the information of the Tao and the physical, energetic and Spiritual components of the pendulum.

→By its radiesthetic colors

The main radiesthetic color of this pendulum is WHITE which is a Universal healing color that is safe to use by beginners in the field of Dowsing and more experienced ones.

The secondary radiesthetic color is ULTRAVIOLET which is a high vibrational frequency often manifested in the presence of angelic beings. This color has very purifying, uplifting and highly transmuting properties.

→By its Spiritual-energetic energies and intentions

The Tao pendulum is connected to the Tao. This allows us to access the Infinite Ocean of Potentiality with greater ease and work with it in the most beneficial of ways during our pendulum healing sessions, downloading new energies and frequencies never seen on earth. This is the ultimate quantum work. As you will read in the manual, the Tao pendulum can assist you not only in healing and space clearing but also in your Spiritual path by purifying the elements within your life that need to be cleared for you to return home, to the Tao (Source) from a Taoist perspective.

The Tao pendulum has also been prepared to work with the 64 Iching hexagrams that have been associated with the 64 codons of our DNA forming an energetic language that can unlock the keys to Mankind´s evolution and highest destiny.

Also, the Tao pendulum has been prepared for Feng Shui work although we won´t cover this teaching due to its extensive content.

The Tao Pendulum Manual


The Tao pendulum is offered with a 67 pages Manual in A6 format and in PDF that can be considered like a Mini-course in the use of this pendulum. Throughout the pages we will describe what is the Tao, what are the most important elements that we need to work with from a Dowsing perspective when combining the Taoist teachings with Dowsing to help our clients and ourselves. You will find practical explanations on how to work in different areas of your pendulum healing session expanding your expertise even further.



Dowsing chart

You will also receive a Dowsing chart that will help you ask the right questions and measure in the most efficient of ways the parameters of your inquiry to facilitate your pendulum work.

Attunement to the pendulum

As part of our offering, you can have your pendulum attuned to your energy field which will allow you to connect at a deeper level with the Tao pendulum, Many of our clients find this very beneficial and they feel the special connection to their pendulum.

To have your pendulum attuned we need you to write your full name and date of birth in the area NOTES/NOTAS when purchasing the pendulum, or else drop us an email the sooner the better.



Yesterday evening I did a self-treatment with your Tao pendulum. As I told you, I would be waiting for the effects of it. What I’m writing now are not the effects of auto-suggestion, because I FELT it and this is not my fantasy. Around three o’clock I was lying in my bed and not sleeping. Then I felt the action of the Tao field. To describe it, it was as if a boundle of fine, subtle and discreet energies was entering into my energy field and had to concentrate to feel the influence. After a while the feeling faded away. It was like a song from God and then I could sit down and write a poem. Then my mood turned to the better and my mind became clear.
I think with the series of new pendulums and pendants you are creating, you open a new era in the field of dowsing and am very happy for that …Of course I’m going to use the Tao pendulum in every possible domain”  K.F Greece.
I am delighted with this pendulum! It has an energy that seems soft but, due to its depth and the depth of the Tao is felt as being a part of you. I am working at a much deeper level making dowsing commands and corrections that are in alignment with All that is and the Field of pure potentiality and it doesn´t stop amazing me,and giving me new options at each time. Day by day I am being amazed at different levels by it”. Carlos P. Madrid Spain.



Dowsing and Dowsing tools such as pendulums are NOT substitutes to proper medical care. If you suffer from any clinical condition please refer to your GP.

Product details

Wooden pendulum, Sphere natural wood, varnished. Osiris head painted black

Aprox 12cm height. Weight of the pendulum alone: 60 grams

Manual in PDF 67 pages format A6

Dowsing chart in A3 (European format) and ANSI format B (USA format). If you live in other countries you will need to adjust your printer to print in the format that you can support. We only offer this manual in these two formats.

This pendulum has been designed by Barbara Meneses, Director of Baj Pendulos Spain and manufactured by BAJ.



Additional information

Weight 80 g


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