Pre and Probiotic Pendulum


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Pre and Probiotic Pendulum

This pendulum forms part of the Antiparasitic Set. We have decided to sell it separately because of its great benefits. This pendulum has a powerful charge of best quality of prebiotics and probiotics to support our intestinal health and help keep the delicate equilibrium of our gastrointestinal organs.

A prebiotic is a fiber that nourishes the healthy bacterias already present in the large bowel, colon. They act as fertilizers. Probiotics introduce good bacteria into your guts to reestablish a healthy gastro intestinal equilibrium.

This pendulum can help humans and pets on a vibrational level. Remember we are not selling supplements, foods or medical products. We are working at the vibrational level introducing information onto our energy field. Sometimes our fields “forget” the healthy frequencies and vibrations that support our health and we can reintroduce them by different means such as pendulum work.

How to use this pendulum:

Give the pendulum a gentle knock over a wooden surface to remove any static impregnations and activate the charge inside the pendulum.

Place the pendulum over your solar plexus and intestines and spin it clockwise with the intention to introduce onto your energy field the most beneficial vibrations and frequencies from the pendulum to support your gastro intestinal health and well being.

Once the pendulum stops moving, you have received the necessary frequencies and vibrations for the time being. You can dowse to determine when will you need another dose of this pendulum.

Another option is to charge water with the vibrations of this pendulum. Place the pendulum over a glass of water and let it spin clockwise with the intention to charge the water with the most beneficial energies and frequencies of the pendulum for your optimal gastro intestinal health. Once the pendulum stops spinning the water is charged. Determine by dowsing, the dosage and frequency of sips that you may need.

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF english

Birch Wood. 25mm height, 30 grams weight.


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Weight 30 g


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