Allergy 1 Pendulum


Allergies related to Touch.

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Allergy 1 Pendulum

This pendulum has been specifically designed for allergies related to touch, such as allergies to animals, fabrics, materials.

The filling within the pendulum has a synergistic combination of the following herbs:perilla, plantain, horsetail herb, St. John’s knotweed, couch grass rhizome, sweet flag rhizome, coltsfoot leaf, comfrey root, dandelion root, among others.

One of the great benefits of this pendulum is that are transmitting purely vibrational frequencies of herbal remedies supporting those suffering allergies. We are not inhaling or eating any of these herbs and thus, we are safe in relation to being allergic also to these remedies. Nothing can affect us negatively by transmitting the vibration of these herbal remedies as frequencies. We are bypassing the physical body and addressing the energetics purely.

How to use: Hold the intention to transmit the content of the pendulum for the highest good of your client, supporting him clear himself/herself from the negative impact of any allergy. Let the pendulum swing clockwise as it sends the most purest of vibrations towards the solar plexus or else the area where the allergy is manifesting, or any other point in the energy field of your client that you may have dowsed. (The ideal area for transmitting this vibrations for the most beneficial impact in relation to the allergy).

Let the pendulum spin clockwise until it stops which indicates that the energy field of the person has received all it needs for now. Dowse to determine when is the next session or transmission. Anchor and seal the process with a hand gesture as if you close the solar plexus so that the vibrations transmitted do not dissipate through the room. (We don´t close the chakra, we just close the energetic opening that occured in order to receive these frequencies).

Disclaimer: These pendulums do not substitute proper medical care and treatments. The user is responsible for his or her own health. Pendulums act as vibrational support to our well being only.


Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Material: Beech wood.


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