Cu Baj 1 pendulum



CU Baj 1 Pendulum

This pendulum has a powerful acumulator inside that provides a very purifying radiation to cleanse energetically. We can focus mentally on the issue we need to cleanse and purify and work with a witness, a photo, a body chart for distance treatments or over the person, animal, living environment.
This pendulum provides energetic help in the cases of toxicity, infections and viruses. It can work over body lines such as veins, arteries. The Pendulum is called CU because of a strong content of copper.

This pendulum has been found to be useful when finishing healing sessions as a way to disconnect from our clients and replenish our own Chi, specifically our kidneys Chi or life force energy.

When using it on ourselves we can activate it by gently hitting it over a wooden surface and then allow it to spin in front of our solar plexus. The pendulum will spin clockwise until it stops once we have replenish our energy field.

Disclaimer: pendulums are no substitutes to proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Size: 22mm long

Weight: 27gr

Material: Beech wood

Additional information

Weight 24 g


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